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Main Reception Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm during school terms

Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm during school holidays (Main Campus Only)

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Phone - Email

(03) 9296 5311  
General Enquiries
Enrolment Information

Postal Address

Christ the King Campus (Google Maps)
65 Churchill Ave, Braybrook VIC 3019
St John's and Sacred Heart Campuses (Google Maps)
204 Churchill Ave, Braybrook VIC 3019

Student Absences

Student Absence line: (03) 9296 5333 to advise and confirm the students absence.

Parents are requested to report student absences by 9:30am.

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Principal Marco DiCesare
Business Manager Irma De Guzman
Deputy Principal (Staff) Anne Marie Cairns
Deputy Principal (Student Wellbeing) Stephanie Banks
Deputy Principal (Learning & Teaching) Suzanne Farley
Director of Faith & Mission Bernard Green
Director of International Programs Paul Piperno
Director of Campus - Sacred Heart Michael Torpey
Director of Campus - St John's Ivanka Spiteri
Director of Campus - Christ the King Natalie Meddis 
Director of Learning Programs Matthew Smith
Director of International Programs Paul Piperno
House Coordinator

Saul Travers-Hucker

Helen Perry

Brendan Savage

Rebecca Derling

Angelo Scaringi

Alex Commeti

Victor Salloum

Veronica Argus

Tara Ambrosio

Peter Boulos

Luke Robinson

Flor Khoo

Head of Learning - Visual Arts Jodie Pitruzzello
Head of Learning - Performing Arts Donna Spillane
Head of Learning - Technology Darren Nicoll
Head of Learning - Maths Colin Chapman
Head of Learning - Science Marnie Bates
Head of Learning - Health and Physical Education Katharine Anderson
Head of Learning - Humanities Gavin O'Sullivan
Head of Learning - English Karen Welberry
Head of Learning - Language & International Exchange Franka Maisano
Collaborative Learning Leader Sarah Moss-Holland
Director of Personalised Learning Lisa Aiezza
Additional Needs Coordinator Silvana Guzzardi
eLearning Coordinator Sandra Mobbs
Professional Learning Leader Monique Dalli
Organisation and Events Leader Vince Meddis
Information Services Coordinator Barbara Roach
Senior Pathways Coordinator John Daykin
VCAL Coordinator Ray Mizzi
Careers Coordinator Julie (Georgia) Pilioglou
Registrar Jacqui Duong
Outdoor Education Coordinator Paul Barber
Director of Music Karen Heath
Gifted & Talented Education Coordinator Lauren Markovic
Directions 9 (TBC)
Faith Coordinator Sandra Vella
Liturgy + Youth Ministry Annette Giang
Numeracy Coordinator SJ + CTK Alice Szeto + Jacqueline Dixon
Student Leadership Denise Tyrikos

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Key dates

  • 7/5 VCAL Placements

  • 11/5 Year 10 Exams

  • 20/5 Open Day 

  • 25/5 Learner Mentor Meetings